Floyds Woodshop originated in the 1970’s era. The shop originally shared space in the basement of the home and now has grown to a 1,000 sq. ft. fairly well equipped shop. The shop is located in Mt. Solon behind the Floyds’ residence. Numerous wood products have been made taking the Floyds’ [Ernie & Ann] to craft shows all over the Eastern United States. Their two daughters demonstrated in many shows, during their youth, helping them to be established show exhibitor winners in some shows.

Much of the woodworking knowledge acquired over the years was self taught. However, classes in various aspects of woodworking have helped with their success. They belong to several woodworking associations. Presently, they enjoy being members of the scroll saw club in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The ultimate goal of Floyds Woodshop is to create functional items that we enjoy making and insuring a satisfied customer.

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