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Floyd's Woodshop

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Maple construction with walnut and purpleheart accent strip. 7"x7" ($10) and 10"x14" ($25).
Cutting Board with Handle
Walnut construction with holders for bracelet, necklace and ring. Two drawers. 10" x 18". $65.
Jewelry Box
Game Board
Walnut and maple squares, walnut cabinet, solid wood construction, single drawer. 18" x 18" $45.
floyds_woodshop005003.jpg floyds_woodshop005002.jpg floyds_woodshop005001.jpg
Crafted out of solid walnut. Available in three sizes: 8", 10" and 12". $20 each or three for $50.
Hollow Spiral Candle Stand
Oak construction with mahogany accent. $20 set.
Salt and Pepper Shaker
Ceramic tile and wood construction (maple with walnut accent). 6"x6". $15
Animal and Christmas designs. Cedar fragrance. $3 each.
Cedar Ornaments